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Taksim Square Book Club.  A protest in Turkey where people stand and read silently. Go here to see some lovely pictures of people reading carefully chosen books.

Where Typhoid Mary Lived Her Last Years. We don’t often think of photographers as information professionals, but they are. A photographer with a fascination for forgotten places got permission to visit the island and take pictures several times. Fascinating, sad, and beautiful. Click the first link to visit his blog for a history of the island and click here to see some of his photos.

Databases and Investigative Reporting. Rob Barry’s presentations on how he uses databases to gather and analyze large quantities of information and turn it into compelling narratives.

Paula Deen Is Not Okay.  While my opinion on the situation is not necessarily important, as an information professional wanting to engage with the community in general and be informed about what’s going on, it is important to be informed. This article is not just facts, but it does convey my analysis and interpretation better than I could.


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