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The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

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Tipping Point


Because the book has been on the shelves for a few years and there are plenty of reviews already written about it, I’ll keep this short.

If you’re looking for somewhat-academic nonfiction that will change the way you see and think about the world, go find Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. Anecdotes about familiar topics including Airwalk shoes, Sesame Street, and smoking help illustrate and tie together ideas about how an idea can go from barely known to epidemic proportions and create significant change in the behavior and thinking of masses of people. More often than not, he concludes, what makes an idea “tip” from being a buzzing in a few brains to a change that gives a TV show a decades-long run or cleans up crime in one of the world’s largest and most violent cities is something very small. It’s not the big, sweeping, dramatic pushes that cause change, it’s the perfect feather at the perfect time done just right that tips something. In other words, to reference his Conclusion, if you’re trying to create change, you don’t want the panacea, you want the band-aid.