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Ngram of responsibility and consequences

I played with the Ngram generator to see what the relationship is between the occurrence of the words “responsibility” and “consequences” and the results are disturbing.

Google’s NGram Viewer shows you how frequently certain words or phrases are found in written English over a certain period of time. I haven’t done any looking into it yet, but I’m curious how reliable, useful, and limited this is. I suspect that as Google Books gets larger, it will become more useful. For now, it’s an interesting tool and toy.

The Three Core Needs of Happiness: “Deci and Ryan found that at the root of human aspiration, there are three core psychological needs: autonomy, competence, and relatedness (the need for social connection and intimacy…” It’s a little over simplified, but a good place to begin. Gladwell addresses this idea a few times in Outliers.

Here’s another book review of Outliers by Jennie, a friend of mine from college. Hers provides a much better analysis and summary and is definitely worth the read. While you’re there, check out some of her other excellent posts on money management, teaching, getting healthy, and other topics.


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