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American Savage

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Dan Savage published “American Savage” in 2013, so a great deal has already been written about it. While I’d like to think I have something unique or valuable to add to the conversation about the book and the topics Savage digs into, I’m not sure enough that I do. So, I’ve chosen instead to find a few other reviewers who have something worthwhile to say, say it better than me, beat me to the punch, or some combination of the above.

“American Savage: On Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics” by Dan Savage. Chandler Burr at the Washington Post  “Beneath its often caustic wit, “American Savage” is on a healing mission. It’s about unification.”

A brief review by Adam Carlson at Entertainment Weekly.  “Chapters on gun control, health care, and sex education are over-stuffed with old facts and understuffed with new ideas; they illustrate hypocrisy without examining it. But Savage’s essays on fatherhood, cheating, and the subset of Americans, in American Savage, who still think sexuality is a choice are powerful messages for both the head and the heart”

“The Waning Power of Dan Savage” by Daniel D’Addario. While still generally positive, this review is much more critical than the other two listed here: “The book’s most explicitly political writing is its weakest. While Savage has a gift for marshalling facts and trends in service of an argument about human sexuality, he seems at sea writing about electoral politics, like a pundit whose decibel level stands in for finesse. “